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List Local is one of the most comprehensive sources of information available throughout Australia. Combining a wide selection of Australian business services, aged care providers, child care facilities, dentists, funeral services, health services, vets and more. With frequently updated information and advancements, List Local allows advertisers to reach a wide range of prospective customers. We offer cost-effective advertising that allows extensive accessibility with reach not only to local customer bases, but also has potential to reach a worldwide market with continuous exposure. The website is easy to use and receives widespread use each day; nationally as well as internationally.

For our customers we offer an easy-to-use search engine programmed to suit everyday use. Simply type in the service, business or facility and the area you are looking for; to find endless options at your fingertips. With comprehensive contact details, direct click email links and individual website accessibility, our listings include everything you need. With more and more entries listed daily you’ll never be short of results! We even offer phone in assistance for customers with specific requests, simply contact our friendly Customer Service representatives will assist your search.

For our advertisers we endeavour to provide the best possible medium. From creating quality advertisements to using the highest standards of monitoring, we work continuously towards a premium result. Our teams ensure continual updates are performed to keep up with the ever-changing technological world of today. To accommodate the growing use of the internet and technology in today’s business and consumer world, List Local has taken the long-used format of the usual printed media and created an easy to use, all-encompassing, online source of information with global accessibility and unlimited potential exposure.

We pride ourselves on providing the most economical option for our clientele to promote their services and organisations. By offering a broad range of packages and services to suit every advertising budget; with full colour advertising starting from as little as $3.65 a day. Our friendly customer service team will happily tailor a specialised package to suit the needs of any business.

List Local is your first stop for information on:

  • • Accommodation including hotels, motels and resorts
  • • Aged care facilities and services
  • • Businesses and professional Services
  • • Child care services, kindergartens and day care facilities
  • • Community centres and programs including organisations and associations
  • • Dentists, specialist dental surgeons and orthodontists
  • • Funeral homes, directors and memorial services
  • • Government departments and services incorporating Local, State and Federal Government
  • • Health services including hospitals, specialists and community health services
  • • Indigenous services, centres and support programs
  • • Plumbers, plumbing technicians and services
  • • Vets, veterinary clinics and animal hospitals

Our Premium Advertising mediums include:

  • • Colour advertising with quality graphics and inclusion of colour photos & logos
  • • Easy use search boxes with key wording for searchability
  • • Direct links to your business websites and email addresses
  • • Extensive Search Engine Submission and Search Engine Optimisation services
  • • Frequently monitored analysis and traffic reports

For more information on advertising rates and premium packages contact our customer service department today.

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