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Brisbane Boxing Gym Claimed

Brisbane's Best Boxing Gym

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The West End Boxing club was established in May 1991 by Harry Costi and Paul Rees. This old school gym continued to thrive after change of ownership by the Nasir brothers and became a popular boxing gym attracting amateur and professional boxers, students, athletes, sporting teams, corporates, mums and dads and many others.

Brisbane Boxing originated at the iconic West End Boxing club when brothers Khuram and Kamran Nasir, former several times boxing champions, took over the boxing club in February 2010. In August 2011 Brisbane Boxing expanded to the South Side opening a larger, more contemporary style boxing gym located in Mt Gravatt, boasting six boxing rings, 76 boxing bags, weights area, kettlebells and strength conditioning area.

October 2013 West End relocated into a bigger space to 41 Vulture street, West End. Still maintaining its old School traditional family feel mixed with a modern edge featuring 39bags, full-size UbOX boxing ring and a Box’d Espresso bar for the coffee lovers and the socialites.

The West End Club is less than 2km from the Brisbane CBD and the Mt Gravatt boxing club is centrally located on the South Side and just 2minutes from Garden City Shopping centre and 10 minutes from Brisbane City. A new chapter was written in 2014 when our Bulimba Gym opened in May.


Q Do I need to book before I come?

We don’t require bookings, you can come to any class that suits you. We do recommend arriving 10-15 minutes before the class time, if it is your first visit. You can also register online to speed up the process.

Q What equipment do I need?

We require all members to wear hand wraps as a minimum requirement- these can be purchased at the gym, and our friendly staff can help you with wrapping technique. Boxing gloves can be borrowed for free at the gym, however we do also stock a wide range of UBOX gear for those that would like to invest in their own equipment.

Q How fit do i need to be?

Our classes are designed to cater for all skill and fitness levels, so we encourage everyone to try to the best of their ability, regardless of fitness or experience.

Q I have never boxed before, Is that ok?

We welcome all people, it doesn’t matter if you have never boxed a day in your life. We will help you with technique and you will develop skills as you train.

Q What should I wear?

We recommend you wear comfortable active wear, and enclosed sneakers. Please bring a towel, and make sure you bring your hand wraps- these are available for purchase at all gym locations if you don’t already have them.

Q Are children allowed?

Yes- children from 12 can train at any of our classes. We do require a parent or guardian to sign a waiver form prior to attending, for any children under 18 years of age. Children from aged 10 can attend our classes while accompanied by a parent or guardian. All participants including children must have hand wraps.

Q Do you have shower facilities?

Yes, each of our gyms has mens and womens showers.

Q Can I train by myself when the classes are on?

Class participants do have priority on all equipment during class times, so the use of equipment is subject to approval by the trainer

Q How often would i need to train?

It all depends on you! We have members that train most days with us & others that only attend a few sessions per month. It comes down to time, goals, and how your body feels.

Q Do I have to spar?

Sparring isn’t a requirement as part of training, any sparring will need to be approved by coaches.

Q Can anyone spar?

As sparring requires experience and skill, sparring is subject to the approval of the coach only.

Q Are ladies welcome?

Absolutely! We pride ourselves on being welcoming to all people. The majority of our Cardio Box classes are women, and we have a number of female boxing trainers on our Brisbane Boxing team.

Q Do you provide refunds

We do not refund any membership or pass payments unless they were erroneous or otherwise noted. There are no refunds or exchanges on any worn merchandise, gloves, or anything that has been worn. We also do not refund 3, 6, and 12-month memberships if not used.